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Project Conception

Zor Engineers can help you from the very earliest stages in the project. If you have a project you would like to build, our architect can discuss all of your requirements and constraints to conceive a plan that will serve you best. We can write feasibility reports, make technical investigations and all the things necessary to define and take the project through the conceptual stages. We can advise you on the building requirements and other legalities needed for many projects in Pakistan.

Whether we are talking about new buildings or modifying and upgrading existing ones, Zor can help you achieve the best possible result.


Project Funding

 We can help you write funding proposals and prepare materials, reports and presentations to show to potential donors.

While we cannot connect you with any specific funding agencies, we can help you create a proposal that will address all the likely requirements and hurdles that you may face.
Zor has constructed many NGO and foreign aid funded projects in the past. Having the name ZOR Engineers on your proposal carries credibility with a number of agencies.

Building Design

We are experts in design. That is what we do. We take buildings from their earliest stages and undertake complete design, producing construction ready drawings and documents.

We emphasize simple, practical and functional over fancy and elaborate designs. Zor's buildings are known for working really well. Our architectural flair is not in external appearances, but in designs that last and serve you well over the long term.

Our design fields include: architectural, structural, electrical, building services, water and waste water, signal and data, fire, HVAC (air conditioning). Where we do not have sufficient expertise in house, we seek the help of specialist designers, retaining control so that the overall project is cohesive and well integrated.

Our areas of expertise are: hospitals and medical facilities, schools and colleges, industrial buildings and structures, Multiple housing developments and back up power generation.

Construction Management

We are able to manage the construction of buildings we design. This means we work on behalf of you. We break the project into all its parts, award sub-contracts to reputable building contractors, assess the work, monitor the construction and make sure that it is done properly on time and to budget. We purchase the materials and track all the accounts in an ethical transparent manner.

When you have Zor Engineers manage your building project, you can relax knowing that we are working for you to get the building you want. Our aim is to give you peace of mind through the whole process. We present all accounts in a consistent regular way for easy checking by you or an external auditor.

When you have Zor Engineers construct the building, you know that quality characterizes the work from the design through to the execution.


Building Assessment

We can examine old buildings and recommend repairs or modifications where necessary. Much of our work is in the assessment and repair of old buildings.

From small houses to major power stations, whether the building is cracked, damaged or you wish to add another storey to it, we have the tools and expertise to examine the building and recommend appropriate action.



Construction audits

Where we are not involved in the construction , we are able to visit the building site and report to our client on the quality of the building process.
In our reports we will comment on specific problems or mistakes, plus recommend appropriate measures to rectify problems.